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Your A.I. powered call center or secretary.

CustomerBot answers your phones just like you do, schedules appointments and can answer any question you can answer about your business - all with your voice.
Does it get any better than that? 
The answer is no.

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Begin by teaching CustomerBot with a simple chat.
Training CustomerBot is as easy as guiding a new secretary. Just by talking to CustomerBot, it learns about your business fast. Through casual chat, you can smoothly - and you're also able to share files, emails, and other resources to fully acquaint CustomerBot with your requirements, your company's background, and how CustomerBot can address challenges in your existing setup."
Next, generate a personalized voice that matches your own.
Just upload a 10-minute recording of you reading our training document using your iPhone's microphone. Within an hour, our advanced voice AI technology will replicate your voice for CustomerBot to use.
After that, connect our systems, register your team members, and set your bot live.
Seamlessly connect CustomerBot to CRM systems like HubSpot or Salesforce to keep track of call data and lead details. It also lets you create multiple phone numbers and extensions for different employees or departments. This way, CustomerBot can direct certain queries to a human, if you choose. Then, just redirect your business line to your main CustomerBot number to have CustomerBot start answering your calls.
See all variables in one place
More building less  shaving coherence orches trust your development toolchain from development to production.
Execute smoothly and quickly
What does serverless mean to different teams? How does Coherence help teams with and that serverless apps?
Always hit your deadlines
We started WhenThen with a simple question – what if a transaction could trigger anything and anything could trigger a transaction?

Managing incoming calls has never been easier.

🤠 Don't fire your secretary though - just give them a raise and remember - those who know your business inside and out can help take your business to the next level.
View, review and listen to your call history
Easily monitor CustomerBot's performance by listening to all of the calls it answered throughout the day. You can even download the audio and send it to CustomerBot explaining what you liked and didn't like. It never stops learning.
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Teach CustomerBot through call-tagging.
Build custom end-to-end support an workflows
Automate support from customers an contact to closing the ticket.
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As calls come in, you can begin tagging them using popular tags or even custom tags, defined by you and your team. Over team, CustomerBot will begin identifying calls itself and will utimately take over tagging duties as well.
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Easily add team members for automated and intelligent call forwarding
Just like the IVRs of the past, CustomerBot will be able to gather which human department it will need to forward calls to but rather than gathering this from human input, it will gather this from its own intelligent analysis of the phone caller's conversation.
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CustomerBot will take care of your web-based chats too.

Yep - that's right. Just paste a few lines of code into your website or utilize our WordPress plugin and CustomerBot will begin handling customers who are browsing your website.
Move chats from your queue to team groups
Easily move chats that are in CustomerBot's queue to human-ran divisions like Sales or Customer Support.
Recalling previous phone conversations, in a chatbox is revolutionary.
Or at least we think so. It gives it that human touch!

CustomerBot learns from your digital footprint.

Before you can even start a conversation with CustomerBot, it's off to races, digging into your digital footprint via any integrations you're willing to connect to it. The more integrations, the more accurate and helpful CustomerBot is.

So what are you waiting on?

Jumping in line and trying CustomerBot  won't cost you a penny nor does CustomerBot want to harm you or you  
DraftBot has launched in production.
No other AI content generation platform compares to DraftBot, It's ability to generate AI-based content in a plethora of ways. So many ways, our users are inventing new ways every single day.
Have you seen our other AI platforms?
CustomerBot and DraftBot are just two of DotBot's growing legion of AI toolsets and micro AI-powered software solutions that are helping automate companies each and every day.